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Sadly, though the cause is noble, this movement to restore peace and civility to America will be too little too late. The forces behind the tendency to dehumanize the enemy are now overpowering; the spirit of competition and hatred too strong. To learn more about the forces behind this growing tendency to dehumanize the enemy, request America Under Attack , by Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection , trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good ….

And this lack of natural affection for fellow human beings will make them capable of committing extreme acts of violence. Prophecies in Isaiah and Ezekiel 7 talk about America being plagued by race wars and civil unrest. And you can see this grim future in the growing proclivity among Americans to dehumamize the enemy. T he number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States has surged since President Donald Trump signed an executive order ending the controversial policy of separating migrant children from their parents while the adult offenders await trial in immigration court.

A Department of Homeland Security report showed a 38 percent increase among families entering the U.

Overall, nearly 47, people were stopped at the Mexican border in August, up 17 percent from the month before. An article published in the academic journal plos One , analyzing data from to , calculated the number of illegal immigrants now living in the United States to be somewhere between 16 million and 29 million.

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This astounding figure is two to three times higher than most media outlets report. Demographers usually calculate the illegal population by subtracting the number of legal immigrants from the total foreign-born population, as identified in Census surveys. After the data is adjusted to reflect the likelihood that not every illegal immigrant is willing to fill out a Census form, the result is usually an illegal immigrant population of around 11 million people.

Yale and mit researchers used a new method to conduct their plos One study. They searched government records to tally inflows of illegal immigrants from visa overstay and illegal border crossing, and outflows of illegal immigrants from emigration and death. Then they used mathematical models to assess the data. After running 1 million mathematical simulations, the researchers concluded that there are somewhere between 16 million and 29 million illegal immigrants in the nation—with the mean estimate of This data matches estimates that President Trump made in , when he said the illegal immigrant population could be around 30 million.

But it surprised the Yale researchers, who thought the number would be lower. That caused us to scratch our heads. If these new figures are correct, this means that 5 to 9 percent of the U.

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Who are these immigrants? Many are women and children—but many are gang members, criminals and terrorists. As our border guards care for illegal minors, many violent enemies of America are easily crossing. At the same time, hostility from Latin America and the Hispanics within the U. Herbert W. Armstrong explained in The United States and Britain in Prophecy that these verses apply primarily to the end-time descendants of ancient Israel, primarily the U.

Illegal immigrants are pouring into the country. Many on the radical left desire open borders, and the Trump administration seems powerless to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. This is because open borders are one of the curses God said He would send upon the U.

The solution to the migrant crisis is not open borders. God lists open borders as a curse. Neither is the solution a border wall. For more information on where the migrant crisis is leading America, read Great Again , by Gerald Flurry. President Putin has played a vital role in further enhancing the friendship between India and Russia.

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We had fruitful talks today, covering various aspects of the Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership between our nations. By far the most significant development to result from the talks was the S deal. Pravin Sawhney, editor of India-based magazine Force, noted on October 5 that the S will become a critical component of the Indian military.

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Once enemy awacs have difficulty in command and control of the battlespace, enemy aircraft would not be able to operate at all altitudes, making them vulnerable inside Indian airspace. Because of this looming threat, there was uncertainty right up until October 5 as to whether or not India would go through with the milestone purchase.

The fact that India quietly went ahead with the purchase despite U. The Bible gives some important details about this largest army ever assembled on Earth. It tells us which nations will contribute soldiers to it.

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It shows it will include the combined forces from several Asian nations. A prophecy in Ezekiel 38 gives us some of these important details. To play this content, you'll need the Spotify app. Get Spotify Open Spotify.

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Play on Spotify. Find out about the International Lion of Judah Conference. The Lions of Judah set an exemplary standard of leadership and giving. Each Lion makes an annual donation to the Jewish Federation that reflects her capacity to give. Become a Lion of Judah.

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