A Stone for Amer (Companion book to Delicate Amer 2)

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The Yellow Wallpaper is a story told from the perspective of a woman facing the tribulations of mental illness. Charlotte Perkins…. This classic Ray Bradbury Science Fiction story is set in the future after a nuclear Armageddon in which a fully automated house goes t…. This horror story begins when three lighthouse keepers realize that a derelict ship heading for their tiny island is filled with thousa….

This literary text by Shutta Crum tells the tale of a Midwest family seeking relief from a hot summer day. The mother begins to recogni…. This literary text by Patricia Polacco tells the story of how she conquered her childhood fear of thunderstorms with the assistance of …. Rose is a child with …. This informational text by Chana Stiefel discusses thunderstorms and information about the destruction that severe storms can create.

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In this article, Mr. Koffi Annan spoke to world leaders on the issue of protecting our environment.

Former BB star Bree Amer opens up about stillbirth | Daily Mail Online

He states that since the beginning …. Terrence Cheromcka and Martin Jacobs, two Time For Kids reporters, report on two very different organizations that involve children pla…. With the help of the …. This is a literary text about a little girl named Maria who instead of telling the truth, panics and tries to cover up a problem.

In this trickster tale, Bear and Hare are involved in a gardening partnership. Industrious, clever Hare makes a deal with Bear— H…. This book is a trickster tale about Hare and Bear. Hare is in debt and needs money so he can feed his family. Hare convinces the lazy B…. A timid young boy and a curious elephant face challenges and help each other as they grow into adulthood in a small village near a game….

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This literary text by Eve Bunting tells the story of Marianne, an orphan, heading west on the Orphan Train with other children to be pl…. This is the grade 3 version of this lesson for this title. A grade 5 version is also available. A crew of sailors captained by S…. This is the grade 5 version of this lesson for this title.

A grade 3 version is also available. Fourteen year-old Greg Ridley gets into an argument with his father over his bad grades and his father forbids him to play basketball. A boy named Taro help…. In this literary text by Saviour Pirotta and Nilesh Mistry, a young boy and wise man observe many living things of the sea while awaiti…. Two ants, along with others from their nest, set out to gather crystals for their queen. Initially staying and keeping crystals for the…. A scout ant has returned with a beautiful sparkling crystal for his ant queen. She deemed it the most delicious food she has ever….

This literary text by Kirby Larson and Mary Nether tells the story of two animals in New Orleans who were left by their owners during H…. Sonia, her father, and a group of their neighbors launch a peaceful protest to help 5 deer that have wandered into their city neighborh….

This is a story of an American-born Chinese daughter, her immigrant mother and their very different beliefs and hopes. The daughter str…. TJ learns a lot about the culture and lives of ….

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In this biography, a young couple, William and Ellen Craft, attempt to escape to freedom from slavery in Georgia. They disguise Ellen a…. Despite obstacles in his life such as a family illness and the Great Depression, Uncle Jed achieved his dream of opening a barbershop a…. This beautifully illustrated book is about a python who deals with issues of accepting himself.

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This module is comprised of fifteen minute lessons and addresses U. History content standards relating to the Civil Rights Movem…. In this passage about volcanoes, science writer Seymour Simon explains the characteristics of the different types of volcanoes, and how…. Volcanoes show us how the earth changes. Volcanoes can be made of lava, gases, hot steam, ground-up rocks and melted rock called lava.

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  7. The script is written as a fictional tr…. This literary text by Jeanette Winter tells a true life story of Wangari Maathai, who decided to make a big difference in her hometown …. Keller finally grasps the idea that a …. This module consists of three units. In Unit 1, students build background knowledge about the central role that water plays in all life…. In this biography, Amy VanDyken overcomes many challenges throughout her life to become an Olympic gold medalist.

    Former BB star Bree Amer opens up about stillbirth

    Houghton Mifflin Har…. This informational text by Emily Neye contrasts the homes, clothing, food, and activities from different types of places. Roberto Clemente grew up in Puerto Rico where he discovered a love and passion for baseball, and became a famous Hall of Fame baseball …. This lesson consists of four short works by Albert Einstein. The works regard pre- and post-war topics.

    Holt Elements of Literature, 2…. This book introduces and explains weather terms and concepts. To facilitate the use of these resources, Student Achievement Partners h…. The entire Tex family is involved in the hard work of basket making, preserving a tribal tradition. They gather materials from various …. In this picture book, the main character, a mouse named Wemberly, constantly worries about big and small things.

    Her largest worry is a…. This informational article is about how TV advertisers intend to persuade viewers to buy products through television advertising. To achieve his goal, the boy barters with characters ranging from a carpet make…. A sixth grade boy lives with his mother. The mother maintains their livelihood with a blue collar job.

    In the story, William wants to f…. This narrative nonfiction story sequences the steps an illustrator follows when creating pictures for a story. The author tells the sto…. Frederick Douglass, a freed slave, is asked to give a speech to a group of Americans on the 4th of July. Douglass uses the occasion to ….

    Modern inventions used to make lives easier harm the planet. There are several predictions about how towns of the future will be …. In this biography, Es….

    Schlemiel is a lazy peasant from the town of Chelm with dreams of travelling. Taking a trip to Warsaw, he is tricked into retracing his…. This literary text by Audrey Wood retells a German story about birth and rebirth, as Mother Earth sends the Root Children out into the …. This nonfiction narrative is an account of two battles of the Revolutionary War, Trenton and Princeton. American soldiers faced many di…. This engaging, informational text explains to students where they live.

    Starting in their bedrooms, children are able to travel outside…. To quell his fear, he thinks about home, his ch…. Michael Bandy, the author, writes about the personal experience when he was a child during the segregation era. While in town with his …. Brian Aldiss describes a futuristic world in which machines are capable of thinking based on the tasks they have been designed to perfo….

    In this nonfiction article, the author addresses the problems associated with urban sprawl. Urban sprawl destroys animal and plant habi…. Have you ever bought a cold drink at a lemonade stand? Or have you baked cookies for a school bake sale?