Divorce & Remarriage in the Church

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Unfortunately your preacher appears to be one of the many who has become adept at twisting the scriptures 2 Pet. All fornication is unfaithfulness, but not all unfaithfulness is fornication. Ultimately, any sin is an act of unfaithfulness. Certainly sin — any sin, one or many — never can be viewed as faithfulness.


All sin is serious. But since all people are sinners 1 Jn. Quite obviously it is employed in its literal sense. Such is evident from the fact that the disciples who were accustomed to the relaxed divorce policy of the Mosaic regime — Mt.

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A woman has the right to safety and security — both physically and emotionally. If her well-being is in jeopardy by physical abuse or her emotional stability is ravaged by constant verbal assault, she has a perfect right to find a haven of refuge and peace. Let us suppose this case. A pagan woman becomes a Christian, but her husband has no interest in Christianity. What should she do?

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She is to stay in the relationship with a view of converting him to Christ 1 Cor. But what if the unbeliever is not content in the relationship as certainly would be reflected by abusive conduct? A further word of caution, however, should be kept in mind. Should that be the case, her leaving would be quite unjustified. The apostle sees the possibility of separation in a marriage undefiled by fornication and potential reconciliation, but offers no license for divorce and remarriage under these conditions alone.

If a departing mate should become sexually unfaithful , the betrayed mate could take advantage of the Matthew provision. Otherwise, the bond remains intact.

Divorce and the Catholic Church

Abuse alone does not break the wedlock cf. Only sexual infidelity can do that. The conscientious Christian will navigate carefully through the troubled waters of domestic discord, and search his own soul for possible culpability.

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  8. Is Lust Fornication? Divorce and the Guilty Party. If she repents from her sin of unbiblical divorce, the true fruits of that repentance would be to seek reconciliation with her former husband Matt. The same is true for a man who divorces unbiblically 1 Cor. The only time such a person could remarry another is if the former spouse remarries, proves to be an unbeliever, or dies, in which cases reconciliation would no longer be possible. The Bible also gives a word of caution to anyone who is considering marriage to a divorcee.

    Some Questions about Divorce and Remarriage

    If the divorce was not on biblical grounds and there is still a responsibility to reconcile, the person who marries the divorcee is considered an adulterer Mark Believers who pursue divorce on unbiblical grounds are subject to church discipline because they openly reject the Word of God. The one who obtains an unbiblical divorce and remarries is guilty of adultery since God did not permit the original divorce Matt. That person is subject to the steps of church discipline as outlined in Matthew If a professing Christian violates the marriage covenant and refuses to repent during the process of church discipline, Scripture instructs that he or she should be put out of the church and treated as an unbeliever v.

    Before such a divorce, however, reasonable time should be allowed for the possibility of the unfaithful spouse returning because of the discipline. The leadership in the local church should also help single believers who have been divorced to understand their situation biblically, especially in cases where the appropriate application of biblical teaching does not seem clear. Again, in some cases this would affect the application of the biblical principles 1 Cor. According to 1 Corinthians , there is nothing in salvation that demands a particular social or marital status.

    What the Early Christians Believed About Divorce and Remarriage

    The Apostle Paul, therefore, instructs believers to recognize that God providentially allows the circumstances they find themselves in when they come to Christ. If they were called while married, then they are not required to seek a divorce even though divorce may be permitted on biblical grounds.

    If they were called while divorced, and cannot be reconciled to their former spouse because that spouse is an unbeliever or is remarried, then they are free to either remain single or be remarried to another believer 1 Cor. In cases where divorce took place on unbiblical grounds and the guilty partner later repents, the grace of God is operative at the point of repentance.

    How Should a Christian View Marriage and Divorce?

    A sign of true repentance will be a desire to implement 1 Corinthians , which would involve a willingness to pursue reconciliation with his or her former spouse, if that is possible. If reconciliation is not possible, however, because the former spouse is an unbeliever or is remarried, then the forgiven believer could pursue another relationship under the careful guidance and counsel of church leadership. In cases where a believer obtained a divorce on unbiblical grounds and remarried, he or she is guilty of the sin of adultery until that sin is confessed Mark