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Checking out books and movies from the library can save you money and paper, ink and plastic from being wasted.

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Other things you may consider sharing are:. Electronic waste is a growing concern because our products contain metals like mercury and other toxins that can harm the earth. Here are a few ways you can help:. To get rid of your items the green way, try one of these methods:.

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Fixing leaky ducts, walls and windows can help reduce your energy usage by as much as 30 percent! Research has suggested that by having at least one meat-free family meal a week, you can reduce as much carbon emission as driving an electric car.

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Raising livestock creates a lot of greenhouse gasses, so cutting back one night per week can make a huge difference. You save lot of money as meat is pretty expensive to buy!

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  4. This may come as a surprise, but taking your shoes off before walking around your home can actually improve the health of your whole family. By leaving your shoes at the door, you can prevent the spread of harsh chemicals like car exhaust and pesticides around your house—think of it like washing your hands before cooking! Right now, in , there are green alternatives to almost anything.

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    Choose a company that cares about the environment and makes a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly. I was with the Wopa project kids and project members when I heard the good news about the award.

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    I celebrated with my family, friends and organization members, after receiving the award. The plans that I made after receiving the award were:.

    With the award I expanded the school by adding more classes, hiring more staff, school materials like desks, chairs and stationaries. With this, it gave more room for orphans with the community.

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    Since there is no any library in my constituency, I expanded the library capacity giving more room to students that are in both primary, secondary and collages. To utilize the space I also used the class rooms as the Training Centre for general arts e. The major challenge that I encountered were high cost of materials due to insufficient funds. And lack of enough reading materials like books. The success that I have is that the school is functioning, there is more room for students and youths can now showcase their talents and training. The Centre has also been a talent tapping center and has ensured the otherwise idle youths are involved in a range of activities, which are ultimately preventing different social vices such as crime, drug abuse and immorality.

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    I obtained the supplies from well-wishers and community in general. I have learned that if youths are given more opportunities like a platform to showcase their talents, funding and education, they can better their lives and the communities in general. Download full report HERE.

    Where do ocean plastics come from? What do oceans plastics consist of? Donate Now.