HOW TO STUDY THE QURAAN: ... And What to Expect from It

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Well it does and u can get pretty high. There r 7 levels in the jannah but there r levels inbetween.

So this helps u memorize and get in a higher level in jannah! I recommend this to anyone who wants to memorize Quarn! Works very well. For critique, I wish the interface was more balanced looking and beautiful. As an Islamic item it is not enough to just work very well; it must excite the senses and display the perfect and symmetrical splendor of the supreme.

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It should recall the Taj Mahal and Alhambra. There should be perfect symmetry in it's geometry. Please make it look fine.

Commit to Quran After Ramadan

Simple and elegant beauty is Islamic. That said, I recommend you download this app and memorize one ayah daily on your daily commute. Learn it on your way out and recall it on your way home or before bed. Study your way to janna; live an amazing life with a superpower brain. As you saw I memorized the whole Quran with this app It lets you enlarge the font which is great for me, it also lets you choose the number of ayats you want to memorize at a time you could also slow or make the sound faster.

But overall amazing there should be more apps like this Thanks guys for this amazing app keep making. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

A Beginner's Guide to Reading the Quran—Islam's Holy Text

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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  • Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Memorize Quran aims on helping you easily learn the Quran by heart, featuring various methods like creating profiles, a progress indicator, pause between recited verses and more! Going three times every week to the Masjid to recite the part I memorized before my teacher was a commitment to myself.

    The Effect of Listening to Holy Quran Recitation on Anxiety: A Systematic Review

    I was only 13 when I learned the advanced Tajweed course, being the youngest with my sister, among all students women in their forties and teachers in our neighborhood Masajid back then. Then, I was chosen to teach the Science of Tajweed to children and old women in our local Moasjid when I was Truthfully, I am so full of gratitude and thankfulness for my mom and dad who have paved the way for me in this journey. I finished another seven parts in two weeks, where I had to memorize ten pages each day.

    We had to revise the pages we memorized at home. Here, I preferred to return back to my normal way of memorizing. I was busy going to work 6 days a week, having some freelance work, studying my university courses with lots of research to do. Endless social visits and events that I had to take part in, as well as many other personal activities and projects.

    So I made a pledge to myself to memorize it all, by sticking to a plan I wrote down. And that was all I needed. A decision! I was done with the remaining 16 parts in about 9 months, Alhamdulillah, and by this I became a Hafiz… And look, you too can be!! I humbly ask Allah the Almighty to allow me four things:.

    You can visit us at www. Sign in. Get started. Isra Migdad. Turn to him, they are His words and He alone can teach you them. Be it by encouraging or memorizing with you. Cut back on things you are used to, to find more time to get into the mood and start memorizing. Keep away from sins: Always repent if you once feel messed up! Remember that Allah is by your side and seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan and keep going.

    We are not perfect at the end and a sin will prevent you from continuing only if you insist, remember this! Know your memorization style: Whether using sign-language, copying in a notebook, raising your voice while reciting, writing the beginning of every verse, walking around while memorizing, listening to a reciter and repeating after him.

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    • You choose the best technique, and of course you can use more than one, according to your mood, time, place, etc. Set a flexible plan: It may seem the hardest part to some people. But if you do all the above points, I am sure everything else will be easy. A flexible plan means to have plan A and plan B. It means that you get to know your abilities and write down an action plan that suits you. While-memorizing tips: Be that early-bird person: Wake up before Fajr time and memorize your required pages.

      Turn off your devices: To avoid distractions and to deeply focus on what you intend to memorize.