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It's about having feelings for somebody, but also not really knowing if they're actually feelings. Especially now with the way we talk to each other online, I think human interaction and confrontation has gotten a lot harder. It's like an inner monologue of if I could say everything that I wanted to say, this is would be it.

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On my new album that we're finishing up right now, there aren't really two songs that sound the same. I think emotionally it fits really well on the record. It's also kind of an ode to me and how I got into songwriting. I was 14 with a guitar or a piano writing songs about my feelings. We had a whole electronically produced version of it before the version came to be in the way that it is now. I prefer this version so much more.

The number one rule that I made myself abide by was: all that I want to do is make stuff that I think is really great. If I think it's a story that I want to tell, and I think it's really fun to listen to, I want to put it out. Before, I spent a lot of time asking, "But how does this fit on the record?

I love this song, but can I pull it off?

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I think that because each song on the record is quite different from the last, that in itself is what ties the record together. Has releasing this album in singles, rather than the completed project all at once, had any influence on the shaping of the album?

It feels like a body of work to me, even though there are songs that came out before the album. I love turning on an album and listening to it start to finish, and knowing that somebody made a conscious decision to put the songs in there in that way. I feel like we live in a singles world now, so the art of the album feels a little bit like it's dying and it fills me with so much joy to keep doing it.


What has the experience been like releasing your new music independently, compared to when you were on a label? Honestly, it is literally night and day.

When you're signed to a label, there's all of these expectations. Most of the time, I wasn't the one necessarily putting that expectation on the music. That constant pressure and stress of knowing that no matter how successful I became, I was never going to be good enough I'm in a position now where I'm lucky enough to have a very small team of people who are here because they want to be. Wins and those victories feel so much more validating even if they're 15 times smaller than they were when I was on a label.

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Did you ever have any second thoughts about making the decision to go independent? I feel like the universe is pretty much showing me over and over again that I'm making the right decision. Some of the coolest stuff that I've been able to do in my career has happened, like the Queer Eye thing, that came a month after I became independent. To me, this feels like the universe going, "Hey, you did the right thing.

"YOU & ME" LYRICS by LANA DEL REY: Got a light in

Here is your reward. Do you look at those other albums you made while you were on a label any differently now?

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When I listen to The Valley , I have a lot of respect for myself for being able to come out and still make this record that I'm really proud of to this day. I still love the album, but I can't not listen to it and hear the sadness and the fear, and the tragedy of it all. You like to mix with people, I like to be alone Baby you can stay out all night, and I'd just as well stay home Two people with so little in common, and different as we can be We come together around midnight when it's just you and me When it's just you and me and there's nothing between us Oh, but our own sweet love When it's time to be tender and try to remember what we're doin' here Baby, I don't mind we're not two of a kind, just so we agree Sometime long 'round midnight when it's just you and me You love to hear the music, you just get up and dance around Baby, you can act so crazy, you turn it up way too loud Oh, I've got my share of hang-ups but you never seem to see And as we come together 'round midnight when it's just you and me When it's just you and me and there's nothing between us Oh, but our own sweet love When it's time to be tender and try to remember what we're doin' here Baby, I don't mind we're not two of a kind, just so we agree Thank you for using Lyricsvault.

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