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Bettys on Pinterest. Bettys on Twitter. Logg inn. Har du glemt kontoen din? Our two boxes of Betty's tea arrived today. Given that we're in Cali Betty's is our absolute favorite tea. Se mer. Hi Betty's.

Just looking at the Christmas catalogue and wondering Please say it isn't so. Not at all happy with Bettys.

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A delivery of a birthday box for my It didn't even leave the delivery depot which is 40 miles from my Mum. Bettys customer service is not open at the weekend so I have no idea what has happened and no-one has attempted to contact me even though I have posted on Twitter, sent a direct message to their Twitter account, sent a direct message to their Facebook account and emailed them. I live miles away from my Mum so cannot rectify this by her birthday which is tomorrow. Informasjon om data for sideinnsikt. Bettys Thank you, Frederick, for having a dream.

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If you have a potentially life-threatening medical emergency, please call Sign Up For Health Tips. Get our advice and upcoming events about weight, pain, heart and more.

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Select the topics that interest you. Find A Doctor. Healing came very slowly and then it was decided to try feeding me by intravenous.

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Miraculously, I was able to tolerate it and strength started to come back into my body again. It was June 7, and we felt it was time to go home. Everyone was amazed that I was well enough to go but it was months before I could eat well and moving around was a challenge.

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After only months of recuperating the medical team talked about next steps. This meant that a transplant was a possibility, now that I was well enough to undergo this procedure. Wayne and I met with the hematologist in charge of transplants and we discussed again, the pros and cons relating to another transplant. So, again we had a decision to make and, with much prayer and seeking God, we decided that I would not go that route this time.

Will I change my mind in the weeks and months ahead? I just wait upon Him for direction, and for right now, I stay as I am. As I look back over the past ten years since transplant June , I can only marvel at how God has shown his faithfulness and how God has a plan and a purpose in this journey. I feel so blessed and thankful to have each of them in my life. My focus has changed as I have experienced His goodness: to be more about Him and less about me; the more I get to know Him, the more I want to know Him. Currently, I am being tested every three weeks.

My results are excellent and I feel very well. It is at those moments when I have to intentionally focus on who I am in God and how faithful He has been all my life.

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I am still on the journey that began June 14, I live in remission, but some days I face uncertainties and doubt. I continue to learn that there is rest for those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High. I pray that my testimony may help others in the battles and conflicts of their own lives. We give thanks for each new day He blesses us with and rest in the assurance that, whatever battles might come tomorrow, He will fight them for us if we will just trust Him.

John's, NL. What is doubt and is it sinful?