Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

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And yet, as Mark Twain realized, and as he has brought readers to realize ever since, there was a real flesh-and-blood romantic adventure that took place in the Middle Ages, and that is the story of Joan of Arc. In order to understand this real person better, Mark Twain employs artistic liberties and invents a few people and a few events, but his real mastery is shown in letting the history transform into a story.

It opens with a nation at the mercy of its enemies, defeated, betrayed, all of its worldly hope centered on a young, vain, cowardly monarch. Of all its citizens, one young peasant woman alone is assured that France will rise again. Not only is she assured of the impossible, but she is assured by immaterial voices. Even the reader who is familiar with the basic life of the saint may begin to feel doubts.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain - Crisis Magazine

Yet the voices are proven true again and again. Joan tells an unwilling governor that not only will she have men-at-arms to escort her to the king, but that he will give them to her. And he does.

Throughout the book, other strange and wonderful things occur. A prophecy of Merlin himself is fulfilled by this little maid.

An ancient sword is found underneath an altar. A brave woman throws herself into battle again and again, yet uses her sword for no bloodshed. An entire army is convinced to lose not only their loose women but their blaspheming mouths. Parents are reconciled with their daughter. A cowardly knight becomes brave.

A cowardly prince is set on the path to becoming a brave king. An even more insightful way to reflect on this life is to see that it helps us understand how every life of grace and, in a way, every life is an adventure. There is St.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Graphic Novel

John of the Cross, vindicating the cause of contemplation against not only his own Order but even his own Church. Pius X, perpetually yearning for a country parish as he is elevated step by step to the Pontificate. When we notice a paradox in literature, it is because such paradoxes surround us in life.

The one merely awakens an awareness of what is ample in the other.

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Perhaps one fault of most romances is that they rarely go far enough in answering the question that informs all romance: is love really stronger than death? Most romances take us into but the shadow of death; the hero or heroine will be rescued. This path was not open to Mark Twain. Spurred on by his faithfulness to history, he follows his heroine on a path that most novelists never travel, and watches his protagonist endure a long trial and a cruel martyrdom.

Paul Joseph Prezzia received his M. He now teaches at Gregory the Great Academy and lives in Scranton with his wife and child. Christ in the Waste Land. Europe Is Falling to Islam. Will America? We Saved That One. But soon her accusers find the soft spot in her armor to use what feels an appropriate phrase : During her lengthy imprisonment, Joan had not been allowed to attend Mass.

This is a trick, because, as the lawyers see it, any compliance with the proposal would amount to an admission of wrongdoing. Joan refuses their offers multiple times, but her guilt over not taking communion ultimately takes its toll.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Graphic Novel

This broken promise ultimately gives her inquisitors the excuse they need for her execution. His portrayal of Joan as a paragon of Victorian girlhood was in many ways a direct reaction to a tumultuous sea change happening around him. While Twain fancied himself a progressive in this area, his opinions on how women should behave in public remained strongly Victorian. According to Harris, Twain had a lifelong obsession with virginity and purity.

He was obsessive about the issue when he was courting his wife, and he was obsessive about it with his three daughters. In an letter to the St.

Chapter 18 - Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

I think I could write a pretty strong argument in favor of female suffrage, but I do not want to do it. I never want to see the women voting, and gabbling about politics, and electioneering. There is something revolting in the thought. Even as his views on voting rights evolved with time, Twain remained worried that traditional femininity might soon be on its way out.

Here his fascination with Joan of Arc becomes less mysterious.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

Throughout her short life, Joan of Arc maintained the sort of traditional values that can make social change infinitely more palatable. She was strong. She was a legendary leader.

She was an unrepentant and proud soldier. But to Twain at least, she also represented something decidedly feminine: she was a virgin; she was pure of tongue; she was respectful and unassuming. It was a dichotomy that, as Twain grew older, seemed to become increasingly important to him.

This practice started in the early s. His club included the daughters of foreign dignitaries, members of prestigious acting families as well as random souls he met out on his lecturing tours. And if the little girl wears butterfly bows of ribbon on the back of her head then his delirium is complete. Likewise, Morris, who finds the subject equally uncomfortable, pointed out that there have never been any accusations made that Twain acted improperly with any of these girls.

He echoed this view in remarks to the Society of Illustrators banquet the next year. Men, after all, were intrinsically dishonest and filthy.

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By the time of his death, in , the story of Joan of Arc had already been taken up by American suffragettes who used her image liberally in an effort to rally their base. And instead of Joan of Arc, virtuous young maiden, the suffragettes were interested in Joan of Arc, successful soldier.

By beatifying Joan, the Catholic Church formally acknowledged her presence in heaven. Considering how and why she was killed, this was of no small consequence. According to Harris, it remains immensely symbolic that these two monumental accomplishments occurred mere months apart.

Joan of Arc became a household name. The book, in essence, works as a time capsule for a short-lived, diluted version of Victorianism that never really took root; one in which Twain could allow for certain political and social advancements while still retaining some very old-fashioned ideals. In it no trace of these motives can be found, search as you may, and this cannot be said of any other person whose name appears in profane history.

When the writer finally spoke, he did so slowly, carefully. Modern scholars are more skeptical. And Now It's Dead. All In The Family. Now You Know. Culture and TV. Follow awl. Choire Sicha. Michael Macher.