Salads and Beyond: Delicious Salads for Every Occasion!

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Thanks for all the great recipes you post. The cup amount for the sugar is not showing up. How much? What a refreshingly new way of serving up Avocado. Fresh Xmas colours and lots of healthy value. The recipe has stars by paprika and cumin, did you mean to say use one or the other?

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Soooo yummy! Got rave reviews at my monthly cooking group I brought it to. I just used spinach no cilantro… not a fan of it So mine was spinach, craisins, avocado, the yummy nuts, and the delicious dressing. Anyways huge hit. The list of ingredients looks long but really its lots of spices that if you have a fairly stocked pantry you probably have lots of it and so easy to shake together. How much sugar? Do you use both the paprika and the cumin? The almonds taste great with both the cumin and paprika! Getting ready to serve this up now.

I was very sad to have to waste all the lovely greens!

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If you make this dressing leave out the salt!! But where is the recipe for the candied spiced almonds? Still there has been no definite answer to how much sugar as it does not show up in the recipe. This salad dressing was so good. Loved it, will definately make again. It was an amazing salad! I used mixed greens and less sugar for the dressing.

Wonderful salad, yum!

I love the salad but have tried twice with the nuts and it clumps and thickens to a crumble as soon as I add the spices and then will not coat the nuts : any suggestions? Happened both times. Looks delicious!! I think the sugar amounts may be off. I had the same experience as Renee — my almonds were an abject failure. Not the worst thing in the world, but a disappointment for a salad.

This is delicious! I also found that the almonds ended up all clumpy.

How to Make a Great Green Salad - How-To - FineCooking

Still tasty though! This salad is to die for!!! Totally worth making the almonds ahead…. Thank you so much. Try it with fresh peaches or nectarines!! I imagined this was a truly very good blog article. I always like reading articles or blog posts such as this one particular. I should undergo more of your respective posts. I came across this recipe via pinterest.

At first glance, I thought it would be a lot of work. I made the almonds a day in advance and am so thankful I took the time! I would make them again just to snack on!

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I highly suggest making the almonds and the salad! It was well worth the effort! The dressing absolutely makes this salad! As it is what I had in the cupboard I just used plain non-seasoned cashews. Simplified the recipe and YUM!! I added grilled chicken and I am currently craving this salad every day. Served it to guests on two occasions to rave reviews. Thanks for the great recipe! My sister in law made this salad for a function, and it was so good I decided to make it for my side of the family.

Now, everytime we have a family dinner, my dad requests it. Although, I can never get the almonds right.

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Wonderful salad! So…I made a second batch. I had all the ingredients ready that go into the melted sugar.


As soon as the sugar all melted, I put in the butter and the spices, stirring constantly til well mixed. Then I added the vanilla. Then I turned it up a bit. Roast for minutes, turning the aubergines halfway through cooking, until golden and caramelised. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

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Meanwhile, toss the shallot with half the vinegar and the sugar, then set aside. Dress the chickpeas with the remaining vinegar and the oil, and season to taste. Put to one side to absorb the dressing.

Salads and Beyond: Delicious Salads for Every Occasion!

To make the tahini dressing, put the garlic and herbs in a food processor and blitz for seconds you can also do this with a hand blender. Add the tahini, honey and lemon juice, and blitz again. Combine the oil and 90ml water, then, with the motor running, add to the dressing in a slow, steady stream, until you have a bright-green sauce. Season with salt and pepper and transfer to a bowl.

Drain the shallot, then add to the chickpeas along with the tomatoes and chopped watercress, and toss gently. Transfer to a large platter, spoon over the aubergine, drizzle with green tahini and scatter with the dukkah, to serve. Experiment with different herbs in the dressing: tarragon and parsley are delicious, as is mint. Use it for a beautiful potato salad or try with a roast chicken. Whizz any leftover watercress into a chilled vichyssoise.