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Much louder. I could have sword that had it not been for the direction of the sound, I would have thought that the cricket was in my apartment. Finally, an hour before I had to leave, there was finally a true, blessed silence. So I recorded.

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I took a few takes, fixed it up as best I could. It turns out that the mediocre microphone in my laptop is actually far worse than I had originally thought.

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And since I was recording straight, uncompressed sound, it must have been a problem with some kind of data compression that runs between the microphone and the computer itself. It was, in a word, unusable. Needless to say, I started looking for alternatives.

My new Christmas novella, Mistletoe at the Lakeside Resort, has arrived!

Cheap but good quality USB microphones. A working computer fan to get my desktop computer working so I could use my professional quality microphone. Then an idea occurred to me. No bells. No whistles. Just a simple way to record what it hears. I pressed the record button, turned it over since the microphone is on the back next to the back facing camera and started reading. When I was done, I emailed myself the sound file. It was clunky, took several steps to do, but worked.

And this bothers me. A lot.

Mac is a subset of PC. PC does not mean Windows. Windows is just the dominant operating system used nowadays. Mac is just a competitor. No, what I hate is the closed system. Their design culture for the last decade or so has been to make devices, then tell the user what they can do with them. The entire premise of an Apple device is just alien to the way I use technology.

I am a human being.

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I use whatever tool I need to accomplish my goal. Which, in this case, means that in order to accomplish the goal I have at the moment, I use the expensive Apple device that I bought a few years back with the intent of becoming a developer for it, because my love of creating stuff and hopefully making a few bucks doing it outweighs my moral outrage at their design culture. Or if you prefer synths to orchestral instruments, NanoStudio is also awesome. But I digress. It would save a few steps, instead of emailing it to myself I could just plug it in and transfer the files.

The Digital Golem. Menu Skip to content. So came The Flock. Read it to yourself, under the covers with a flashlight and be afraid. Very afraid. The last of the chicken stories, The Maltese Chicken , is a modern mystery, tough and filled with action. The question is, does the chicken get out of this one alive?

Click on the picture to go to Amazon's Kindle store and order this novella. The Christmas Chicken. Victorian England.

Christmas Eve. Young Jack, a blind boy of ten years, sits alone by the hearth, making a Christmas wish: Jack would like a dog to love and to keep him company. Suddenly Jack hears a frantic scrambling in the chimney and something plops into the room. Jack is overjoyed!

Christmas Bliss

Santa has brought him a dog! Except it's actually a chicken, but don't tell poor Jack. He's never seen a dog or a chicken because he's never seen anything. Jack names his pet King and over the next several days the two of them have some wonderful adventures. This is a story to warm even the stoniest of hearts. Kids love it and adults find it very funny. Read it aloud to someone you love. Click on the picture to go to Amazon's Kindle store and order this book. Here's a scary little story you wouldn't want to read to a child.

Written in the style of H. Lovecraft, it concerns a man who has no name other than The Hunter, a man who is hired to hunt creatures that no other man can subdue. In this tale, the Hunter is summoned to a small village in the deep woods to find, and kill, whatever beast has been picking off the villagers one by one, leaving behind remains barely recognizable as human.

This time, though, the Hunter comes up against something that even he might not be able to best. The Maltese Chicken. Another adults-only novella, this time a chicken shows up on a man's porch and soon the bird and man both are swept up in a mystery that turns very dangerous, very quickly. The writing style this time is strictly contemporary and the hero is not exactly a hero, but he is pals with one of the toughest ex-SEALs to show up in contemporary fiction.

Betty Baker lives in central Florida and is a member of a Christian writing group. Elizabeth writes nonfiction and believes writing is a gift from God. She also enjoys quilting, baking and traveling. She and her husband have two grown sons and 7 young grandchildren. Millie Barger, author of 10 books and hundreds of articles. Member of Phoenix Christian Writers' Fellowship. Faye L. Braley is a charter member of the Northern Arizona chapter of Word Weavers.

She and her husband, Jim, reside in Cottonwood, Arizona. They have two children and two grandchildren. Growing up in a military family, John Brewer, Gainesville, Florida, attended 11 schools in 12 years. His parents and teachers nurtured a love for literature. Trained in Christian education, Rhonda Brown, Mesa, Arizona, has served on a church staff and as a volunteer, taught high school English for seven years or so, writes poetry, and likes best her wife and mother hats. Rebecca Bruner, Mesa, Arizona, has loved writing stories since she was a young girl.

Her goal as a writer is to share her joy in telling stories with people who find joy in reading them.

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She recently began writing devotionals, and has had some published. April Smith Carpenter is a freelance writer living in Mississippi. She and her husband David have two children, Brooks and Grace. April enjoys teaching aerobics and her part time job with the active older adults at the YMCA as well as running her own ministry. Debbie Carpenter gets a lot of her inspiration from children. She and her husband have two daughters and sons-in-laws who have blessed her with three granddaughters and one grandchild on the way. Paige Carpenter is Florida-based writer and illustrator.

In she graduated from Florida State University with a degree in music, and she continues to pursue the magic of stories through art and fiction. Rebecca Carpenter—after almost 37 years of teaching elementary students—joined her husband in retirement in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Much of their time is spent traveling the world on both pleasure and mission trips. She also enjoy spending time with my family, which includes 5 granddaughters, and friends, writing, reading, and volunteering. Mary Lou Cheatham, award-winning author of Louisiana and Texas, has enjoyed careers as a teacher and registered nurse.

She is the author of numerous books, including two volumes of Keeping Christmas: Stories to Warm Your Heart Throughout the Year, anthologies of stories by her and well-known authors such as Leo Buscaglia and Lewis Grizzard. Patricia Childress lives in Sacramento, California, where she writes Christian fiction and nonfiction.

She also enjoys decorating, patio gardening, crafts, and writing. A facilitator in support groups, she is also a mentor and speaker. Phyllis Ciarametaro, Fountain Hills, Arizona, grew up in a small fishing community northeast of Boston. She has written several short stories depicting ethnic family life. She has also written a mystery novel taking place in Salem, Massachusetts.