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In practice I find that leaving this setting on results in a lot more re-formatting work to get everything to look right again. Building for HTML5 means your course cannot contain any component that would not work on a mobile device browser. This is the part most Captivate developers think they can easily handle, but you may be surprised to know the list of potential non-compliant components is quite long, and they're not all obvious candidates for removal. The Video section below it also contains an FLV file.

More about FLV below. The fact is that Captivate converts these slides into SWF animations. The screenshot at right shows the Properties data for a slide in a Captivate project created directly from a PPT deck.

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Note that the background of this slide is shown to be an SWF file. So unless you are happy for all of your HTML5 courses to consist of little more than frozen background images, you need to forget about using PowerPoint from now on and build everything from the ground up in Captivate, using only supported slide objects.

Note the default. They mainly give you something to look at while the project loads up.

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That skin is more likely to have an HTML5 equivalent. You will either need to remove these components or else convert them to a more compliant video format such as MP4. In very early examples, these may have been built with ActionScript 2 , but since Captivate 5 arrived, only ActionScript 3 widgets could be inserted. Either way, all such SWF widgets must be removed.

1. Blogging Awesome

Most widget developers gave it up as a bad idea. Captivate's Learning Interactions are also widgets, but those that ship with the latest versions of Captivate should be HTML5-compliant. If in doubt, replace them with current versions. In the mobile world, where there are no computer mice and everything is done with your finger or a stylus, rollover and rollout events become redundant. Remove them or replace them with Advanced Actions based on click or tap events. And one last thing To be fair, Adobe saw this issue coming several versions ago and kindly included a tool called the HTML5 Tracker that is designed to show Captivate developers all objects or elements in their project that would be unsupported in HTML5 output.

For example, in the screenshot at right you can see that it lists unsupported objects under the slides on which they can be found. Scanning the list you will see many of the objects we have discussed above, including: Text Animations , Widgets , and Slide Transitions. But the tool isn't perfect. You can also put out your articles on LinkedIn. Sure, we always want website visitors to convert into leads, but if you want to win a customer, you better have something in your pocket that attracts them. If you go through all seven points again, you will notice that I emphasized on the things such as help, values , and empathy throughout the article.

I started applying all these things in my content, and it has given nothing but great results. I hope these content writing techniques would help you create the best content on your blog and you end up building a warm relationship with your readers. Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing.

Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him. Monitor engaging and trending content in your industry, efficiently plan your content calendar, schedule posts across the top social networks and analyze all of your social channels from a single place.

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How to Write Killer Blog Posts That Captivate Readers

Two Examples 1. Have you ever seen a balloon seller with a pile of unfilled balloons? Chances are, you have not. Sounds familiar?

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I bet no one would stop by for a split second. Here are a few methods you might want to try out to create attractions in your copy: Subheadings : The best way to attract the readers is to write subheadings that help explain the topic. What happens is that when readers first look at the content, they read the headline of the blog post, and they are likely to see the subheadings next.

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Examples : Have you ever read a blog post that narrates the point with examples? It makes the job easier for the author to explain the point. Case Studies : Case Studies are rather optional. They are mostly used in the long-form tutorials and eBooks. They make the process of explaining something smoother and easier. Bullets : Bullets are a great way of bringing in the attention of the audience. Not only do they encourage the reader to continue reading, but they also help describe the topic through cutting down the topic into bite-sized information.

Storytelling : Stories make people pay attention to you. They make people stick to your content or often push them to follow-up on your content. Copyblogger does this very well. Not only do these attractions engage the readers, but they also help convey the message. The right subheadings often help deliver the message perfectly. The longer the paragraphs, the difficult it seems to finish them off. A lot of readers tend to skip past the articles that have longer paragraphs.

So one of the vital content writing techniques I could give you is writing short paragraphs. Here are the most popular ones: Gifs : If you read a lot of content on the web, you might have seen some gifs in the content somewhere. Do you know what happens next? Then, they may stumble upon a funny cat video that would lead to more videos. Game over, folks. She Quoted Key Points One of the best things she did in her book was using the full pages once in a while to quote an important point at the end of the chapter. It got me thinking… why would they do that? My purpose was to share ideas that would make your readers come back to your blog.

Related Post. About the Author Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Born in England, she's traveled in over 40 countries, lived in eight of them and has both British and Kiwi passports. But don't hold that against her. Annabel now bashes her keyboard in Australia, sharing stories and tips on her travel blog Get In the Hot Spot. You are correct. When I read a blog post, I have my mouse pointer over the back button with my finger ready to click.

Writers should visualize this image when they write. Great points that even some of us who have been around a while need to look at on a regular basis.

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  8. I am doing this now, rebranding and working on three sites to bring them all together with cleaner messaging. It takes time, but if you do it a bit at a time then all of a sudden you are done ;. Bite size pieces. When did that go up there?

    7 Content Writing Techniques that Captivate Readers’ Attention

    Talk about those fresh eyes…. Ah, but there was a great tagline there before that did the same trick of instantly letting new new readers know what Copyblogger is about. I should probably add a tag line to my site as well. I think another good way to look at your site with fresh eyes is to visit it from another browser on a completely different computer and browse through it as if you were visiting it for the first time.

    I could read it so quickly. Giving this air of space, with large headlines directly related to that sections content.

    Blog Creation: How to Write a Successful Post

    This is a very good looking post, with great flow. Thanks Sean for noticing that and explaining more about why we need to make our posts easy to scan. The article was so easy to read — fluid but not watered-down. I was wondering how Annabel did that, until you pointed it out. And thanks, Annabel, for these solid tips! I cringe when I go to a blog and see long paragraphs of text with no space or even formatting to break them up. Usually will just click away!

    This is something I always tell anyone that asks me about building a website or redoing one. You only have a few seconds before they like it or back away. I especially like 5 in your post — it annoys me to no end seeing sites with LARGE paragraphs of text and no way to scan their content. The basic premise is that our instinctual brain the less evolved one which is closer to the stem is how people receive messages, ideas, images, etc.

    Our problem is that we use our neocortex the most evolved part of our brain to deliver our ideas, messages, etc. This blog post describes exactly that process.